Car Repair

Emission Testing

Emission Testing

Emission Gas & Opacity Testing, measuring range CO,CO2,HC,O2,Opacity.

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Dyno Cosber

Dynocosberoffers a new generation of 4WD & 2WD Dyno to the car tuning market.

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Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line

Vehicle Factory

Vehicle Leave factory Test Line Series is specially designed to inspecting process.

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Cosber Chassis Dynamometer 2000 (2-WD)


    Chassis Dynamometer 2000 Dynocosber offers a new generation of 2-WD Dyno to the car tuning market. by using quick reaction Data acquisition system and precise Power Absorbing Unit, the car's power data is accuratelygathered and the road-load condition can be simulated effectively. Thanks to the distinguished combination of the Eddy Current Retarder and the Elastic Connector Transmission, DYNOCOSBER Dyno has no more anxiousness about daily maintenance and service durability. Have equipped your shop a DYNOCOSBER Dyno, it is time to dyno your car and tune it as you want.


  • - Dynamometer 2WD
  • - Max Absorption Power: 600 HP(450 kW)
  • - Max Axle Weight: 2000 kg
  • - Application Speed: 250 km/h

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  • Dual mode of Power Sweep Testing and Power Graph
  • Real-time Lambda and RPM dataloging display
  • Loading run and Simulation road driving
  • Speedometer calibration
  • Constant speed and real-time Torque data display
  • Main configuration - a package to complete you dyno job

    Safety package: Safety during the Dyno testing operation is the most important concern for us. We offer the full set of safety package: 4x strong safe belts, 2x triangle wheel blocks, 1x U type frame and 1x Engine cooling fan.

    Control unit: To ensure the stable and reliable testing operation, we provide the industrial computer conjugate with our advantage Data Acquisition Processor.Heavy duty sreel cabinet included.

    Exhaust pipe A/F meter clamp: An easy-to-use stainless exhaust pipe clamp, specicial tube designed for avoiding exhaust leak effect. One fastener bolt to hook up with the exhaust pipe.

    High accurate A/F ratio meter: Using of a Wind band BOSCH O2 sensor, a quality proof meter with self-power mode. It is the most useful diagnotics device of engine combustion condition.

    Wheel base adjustment unit: Galvanized Steel made, one key remote control, apdapt a wheelbase range from 2300mm to 3500mm. Suitable for all the 2WD and AWD vehicles.

    Handhold remote control with LED display: The most convenient tool to carry out testing operation from the driver seat, it can control: 1)Loading run; 2)Steady state setting;3)One-key redo; 4) Graph display; 5) Cooling fan switch; 6) Wheelbase adjustment.

    Main Control Software: MS WINDOWS based simple-to-use Dyno menu, Rapid vehicle database enter and manual Whether condition setting. We understand the world of dyno tuning industrial, all the necessary data could be found on the testing interface: RPM/ Wheel Speed / Lambda / Power / Torque /

    Result database Graphing and printing: Easy result searching system with Database integrated in operation Menu. The colorfule Power/Torque result graph makes a legible understanding of the Power sweep test data. Print out graph with A4 printer.

    Cooling Fan: High Flow capacity with compact body design.Switch control integrated with handhold remote,it is an adorable tool to easy the professional Dyno job.


    1.Cut-groove technology rollers
    2.Extrem high speed bearing
    3.Air-cooled Eddy Current Retarder - the Most advantage standard of Dyno