Car Repair

Emission Testing

Emission Testing

Emission Gas & Opacity Testing, measuring range CO,CO2,HC,O2,Opacity.

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Dyno Cosber

Dynocosberoffers a new generation of 4WD & 2WD Dyno to the car tuning market.

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Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line

Vehicle Factory

Vehicle Leave factory Test Line Series is specially designed to inspecting process.

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Cosber Chassis Dynamometer KDC-3GT


    Chassis Dynamometer KDC-3D KDC-3D Chassis Dynamometer, specialy designed for emission inspection purpose.Meet the inspection requirement of ASM, V-MAS and LUGDOWN. Constant speed power test.

    KDC series Chassis Dynamometer is designed to diagnose the output power of a vehicle chassis and simulate the road drive condition. In-conjunction with emission testers and external diagnostic instrucments. It cans inspect dirrerent vehicle performances under load mode, such as power performance, emission and consumption.

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Monitor Display or PC Computer

  • Extra Durable Eddy Current Retarder with Over temperature protection
  • No maintenance double Air-chamber ensures the smooth of lifter
  • Multiple painting process, long-lasting of metalized paint
  • Inertia simulation fly wheel and powerful driven motor
  • High adhesive and well-balance roller
  • Easy compatibility with external diagnostic equipment RS-232 connection
  • Display of chassis power, accelection time, spot speed,traction force
  • Monitor Display or PC Computer