Car Repair

Emission Testing

Emission Testing

Emission Gas & Opacity Testing, measuring range CO,CO2,HC,O2,Opacity.

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Dyno Cosber

Dynocosberoffers a new generation of AWD & 2WD Dyno to the car tuning market.

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Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line

Vehicle Factory

Vehicle Leave factory Test Line Series is specially designed to inspecting process.

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KQQZ Vehicle Inspection Station Test Line


KQQZ Vehicle Inspection Station Test LineCosber has launched its first KQQZ-10 testline system in China, according to the modernization approach of Chinese Vehicle Inspection regulation. This is a 10 tons computerized vehicle testline system with automatic control concept, which is dedicated for the use of national Vehicle Inspection Station (VIS). Up to today, the KQQZ system became more reliable and intelligent; its configuration ranges are greatly expended to need multipurpose inspection requirement, and flexible by covering a wide range of vehicles from motorcycle to heavy duty vehicle.
Vehicle Inspection Station (VIS) system is an automobile inspection system that uses modern detection equipment, digital communication technology and computer application technology to inspect and diagnose automobiles without disassembly. It can measure and detect most of the parameters and possible faults to evaluate the performance of automobiles.

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Main Character

  • KQQZ System: 3 Tons, 10 Tons, 15 Tons Test Line
  • Max. Vehicle Weight 4000kg, 16000kg, 25000kg
  • Nominal Ampere 32A, 80A, 100A
  • Air Supply 0.5-0.6, 0.7-0.8 (Mpa)
  • Power Supply (±10%) AC 220V & 380V, 50Hz

  • Brake Tester KZD-3 / KZD-10 / KZD-15

  • Measurement Range (N) 0-6000, 0-40000, 0-60000
  • Wheel Tread (mm) 1200-1800, 1200-2400, 1200-2600
  • Roller Demension (mm) Φ200x700, Φ280x990, Φ280x1100

  • Speedometer Tester KCS-3 / KCS-10 / KCS-15

  • Measurement Speed (km/h) 20-120
  • Roller Dimension (mm) Φ190x700, Φ190x1000, Φ265x1100
  • Roller Center To Center (mm) 380, 450, 500
  • Euqipment Dimension (mm) 2390x725x375, 3200x860x440, 3500x950x475

  • Side Slip Tester KCH-3 / KCH-10 / KCH-15

  • Sideslip Measurement Range ±15 m/km
  • Wheel Tread (mm) 900-1800, 1000-2400, 1000-2600
  • Sideslip Plate Dimension (mm) 700x500, 1000x1000, 1100x1000
  • Equipment Dimension (mm) 2390x660x240, 3200x1160x250, 3300x1200x280

  • Axle Load Meter KZZ-3 / KZZ-10 / KZZ-15

  • Measurement Range (kg) 100-3000, 200-10000, 300-15000
  • Max. Wheel Tread (mm) 1800, 2400, 2600
  • Weighing Plate Dimension (mm) 2200x500, 2800x600, 2900x800

  • Suspension Tester KXJ-3

  • Standard EUSAMA
  • Vibrate Fre. / Oscil 15Hz/ 6mm
  • Motor Power (kW) 2.2x2