Car Repair

Emission Testing

Emission Testing

Emission Gas & Opacity Testing, measuring range CO,CO2,HC,O2,Opacity.

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Dyno Cosber

Dynocosberoffers a new generation of AWD & 2WD Dyno to the car tuning market.

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Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line

Vehicle Factory

Vehicle Leave factory Test Line Series is specially designed to inspecting process.

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KLFT Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line


KLFT Vehicle Leave Factory Test LineKLFT Vehicle Leave factory Test Line Series is specially designed to meet the demands of inspecting process for the finished car in a car maker, this Testline concept is based on a fully automatic vehicle inspection line to responds to the high production rhythm and quality exactitude of car maker. KLFT employs a central computerized communication system, a modular operation software and a self-defined Database, to performs the sophisticated and reliable inspection operations: such as the Brake test & ABS test, Wheel load, Speedometer, Chassis dynamometer, Emission, Headlight, Sideslip, and Sound level, Visual test etc.
We has gained many of case experience and fair customer satisfaction in Car factory project, thanks to our customer-oriented Project Management marketing approach. Nowadays, we are able to offer the KLFT system for various types of vehicles manufactory, from less than 1 ton golf car to autobus as well as the 8x8 armored truck

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New function ABS Test modular

  • ABS Test modular employs reliable checkout system

  • Main Features

  • Check the ABS assembly and wire connection in a finished car or vehicle
  • Check the function of components, like valve ,warning light, pedal switch, etc
  • Check and remove vehicle ABS error code, identify the record of ABS ECU ID
  • Launch a conventional brake tests (according to national standard GB7258 standard)
  • System has a screen display, report printing, database storage, search statistics, network transfer functions
  • ABS system will be varied between ABS supplier but we may adjustment with manufactory communication protocol

  • KLFT Vehicle Leave Factory Test Line Series
    Features System composition:

  • Login Program
  • Queue Scheduling program
  • Appearance Check registration
  • Operation Control program
  • Data Management
  • Calibration Program
  • User Management
  • Monitoring Function
  • Adjustment Standard program